• Main Patio

    Our guests simply love to have their breakfast at the Colonial patio resplendent with the colonial theme.

  • Pool

  • Budget Room - 1 Queen bed

    Our Budget Room are smaller rooms and have private bathrooms with a shower, a hair dryer, bathroom amenities and a telephone.

  • Palacio Classic - 1 Queen bed

    All Standard rooms have a queen-size bed, a private luxurious bathroom with a shower, a hair dryer, designer toiletries and a telephone. The room also consists of other amenities for your personal use.

  • Comfort Room - 2 Queen beds

    The comfort rooms provide you with 2 Queen size beds and are an attractive choice for families. Free breakfast for children under 9 years old.The room includes utilities that make your stay comfortable.

  • Superior King - 1 King bed

    The Superior King rooms come with more space and features a King size bed facing one of our patios or the street and include utilities that make your stay comfortable. Fee breakfast for kids under 9 years old.

  • Superior Deluxe - 1 King bed

    This super deluxe room features a spacious living room apart from a bedroom with a king size bed.

  • Executive Suite - 1 King bed

    This spacious suite has an optical separation between the luxurious living room and bedroom room and comes with a king size bed. The bathroom is also provided with a Jacuzzi and the suite offers utilities that make your stay comfortable.

  • Junior Suite - 1 King bed

    The spacious suite features a separate bedroom with a King size bed and a spacious living room. The Junior Suite provides utilities that make your stay comfortable.

  • Senior Suite - 1 King bed

    This Senior Suite features a spacious living room apart from a separate bedroom with a king size bed.

  • Standard Smoking Room

    The Smoking room come with a Queen size bed and has all the comforts as in our Palacio Classic rooms.

  • Superior Premium Room

    This Superior Premium room features a spacious living room apart from a bedroom with a king size bed.


Buenaventura Báez (1812 – 1884)
Politician who served five terms 
1849-1853 | 1856-1858 | 1865-1866 | 1869-1874 | 1876-1878
as president of the Dominican Republic and is noted principally for his attempts to have the United States annex his country.

This building belonged to Mr. Buenaventura Baez (1812-1884), a Dominican politician who was born in a village called Azua. He was elected president of the Dominican Republic for five times oscillating between the years 1849 to 1878.

It seems that Mr. Buenaventura Baez himself never lived in this house although he was the owner, but his sons and grandchildren did. One of them was Dr. Ramón Baez, who was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and elected president of the Dominican Republic from the 27th of August till 15th of December 1914.

His son Francisco Baez and his daughter Natalie Baez lived here, too.

Steps of his Government
He governed from

  • 24th of September 1849 till 15th of February 1853
  • 8th of October 1856 till 12th of June 1858
  • 8th of December 1865 till 29th of May 1866
  • 2nd of May 1868 till 2nd of January 1874
  • 27th of December 1876 till 2nd of March 1878

Buenaventura Baez was born in a village called Rincón Neyba on 14th of July 1812. This village is called Cabral today belonging to the municipality of Barahona. He was the son of Pablo Altagracia Baez and Teresa de Jesús Méndez.

In 1827 he was sent to France to study there. The material support that he received from his father helped him a lot to occupy an important position in the Dominican society.

In 1843 he became representative of Azua in the congress. During the period of Haitian occupation he tried to obtain French protection using the famous Plan Levsseur.

He took part in the battle of Azua on 19th of March 1844 fighting against the dominating Haitians.

He is considered as a conservative man with a trend to France. Due to his activities using the French protection the Trinitarian Government took him prison. In March he opposed together with Pablo Duarte the army’s retiring planned by Pedro Santana when fighting the Haitian invaders.

He was one of the signers of the Manifest of Separation from Haiti on the 16th of January 1844 and collaborated with Pedro Santana during the Haitian annexing. He was the most important leader of the colored party and his main collaborators were Felíx Maria del Monte and Manuel Maria Gautier.

He was the founder of the Saint Buenaventura College in Santo Domingo and another college in Santiago. His public life finished with the end of his last government. He died in the community of Hormiguero in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, on the 14th of March 1884 and his bones were brought here in 1914, when one of his sons, Dr. Ramon Baez, was president.

Characteristics of his Governments

He fought the Haitian reign of the Soulouque and looked for protection of the United States. He promoted Public Education.

He realized the redistribution of land for the agriculturists. He acquired seven ships for the Navy. In 1857 he provoked a very difficult financial situation issuing monetary notes without covering.

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